Truck Servicing & Repairs

Ensuring the safety of your heavy vehicles is our priority. Our easy servicing & repair solutions allow your business to effortlessly maintain your fleet.
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Truck Servicing & Repairs

Our state of the art workshop is a one stop shop for all Truck Servicing and Truck Repairs. 

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your entire fleet of vehicles safe while reducing repair and maintenance costs.

Our Preventative Maintenance servicing is suitable for all business types that operate small, medium & large fleets of vehicles.


Do you have 2 or more vehicles in your fleet? Take advantage by signing up to a Truck-Tech Group fleet servicing plan today.

Save money, minimise downtime of your vehicles and benefit from vehicle pick-up and delivery services.
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Truck Brake Repairs

Regular servicing and repairs of Truck Brakes are an important factor in the overall safety of your vehicle and your drivers.

We guarantee the quality of our brake repairs through our qualified technicians and our workshop's industry leading MAHA Brake Testing stations.

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Alternatively, you can contact Truck-Tech Group today about your Truck Servicing and Truck Repairs.

Truck Engine Repairs

Truck-Tech Group operates a completely in-house engine division, with flexible options including in-chassis rebuilds and repairs, complete remove and rebuild and entire Truck Engine replacements.
truck engine repairs
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