RMS Inspections for Trucks, Buses & Trailers

Truck-Tech Group is an RMS Approved HVAIS Inspection Station for Trucks, Buses & Trailers.
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Not every inspection requires a trip to the RMS.

HVAIS Heavy Vehicle Inspections are able to be performed at Truck-Tech Group.
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HVAIS Inspections / Brown Slip

Defect Removal

Registration Renewals / Pink Slip

Pre-Inspection Services

RMS Inspection Brake Testing

At Truck-Tech, we only use the best technology available to ensure accurate testing of your vehicle's safety features. This is why our Brake Testing Station uses MAHA Brand Brake Testers.
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Delivery & Pick-up of Vehicles for RMS Inspections

For services that require a Trip to the RMS, Truck-Tech Group is proud to offer our Pick-Up & Delivery Service for Trucks, Trailers and Buses.

This services ensures the least downtime for both your vehicles and your staff.
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